Photo by Jim Saley

Photo by Jim Saley

Photo by Phil Monica



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The Rumbletones are the hard hitting roots and blues based rock and roll band from Boston, MA.  While many other bands in the roots and blues genres have gone stale by going through the motions with the same old predictable and at times lethargic performances, The Rumbletones rise above the melancholy drone of the slick and polished lounge acts with the raw and high energy delivery of their roots and blues based rock and roll.  The Rumbletones are far from the ordinary bands seen and heard in most night clubs.  The Rumbletones are a much needed breath of fresh air to reinvigorate the spirit of fun and inspiring roots and blues based rock and roll.


Just look at what various fans and music reviews have said about The Rumbletones and their high energy rock and roll:

When The Rumbletones play, things get weird.  Cat fights break out, guitars fall apart, cops get bounced from bars, bikers howl like banshees and the beers – just like the blues – be tumblin’ down like rain.  That’s because when The Rumbletones play, the shit hits the fan. 

This three-piece of volume-drunk knuckle-draggers (that’s a compliment) have been carving a place for themselves perhaps a dark, wet cave with scrawlings of animals and pagan gods on the wall via a series of one-night bacchanals in the bars of Boston’s back-waters and by-roads.  And their followers have been pleased with the distinctive roar of their blues ‘n’ roots music that falls somewhere between Howlin’ Wolf and the Ramones. 

Now they’re turning their onslaught of electrified sweat ‘n’ blood and other precious body fluids toward the Big City – and other cities, looking to spread a fine gospel of raving indulgence as far as they can.  Me?  I wish ‘em luck, because everybody deserves a good time.  And that’s the ‘Tones reason for living and playing hard as a teenage boy in a strip joint. 


-Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix